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My work at Gaffa

July 1, 2014


Some detailed photographs





Kathryn Wightman’s work to the left, Kathy Boyle’s suspended garden of flowers in the foreground.

Warringah Printmakers Exhibition

May 29, 2014




Saturday 14 June

Etching & Relief Printing with Rebecca Baird

Sunday 15 June

Encaustic Monotype with Anthea Boesenberg

Saturday 21 June

Collagraph with Lisa Marshall

Sunday 22 June

Photopolymer Plate – intaglio & à la poupée Susan Baran

Saturday 28 June

Monotype with Helen Clare

Sunday 29 June

Traditional Japanese woodblock (Moku Hanga) with Rosanna Jurisevic

Crossing Boundaries at Palmerston North Opening soon.

January 28, 2014



Reception for artists: 5.30 -7.30, Friday 31st January at gallery

Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts’ initial offering for the year is ‘Crossing Boundaries: Five Australian and Five New Zealand Artists Challenging Traditional Printmaking Structures.’ Opening at 5.30PM on Friday 31st January with a reception to honour the artists, Crossing Boundaries demonstrates the wide range of possible expressions of creative endeavour that contemporary printmakers have produced in recent years. As arts writer and printmaker, Jacqueline Aust, formerly of Palmerston North states: “Printmaking has leapt out of the frame with the introduction of larger images, print installations, new technologies, three dimensional forms, and alternative supports.” In June of 2013, ten artists were invited to ‘explore perceived boundaries of traditional print practice and to generate work that spoke to the nature of those boundaries.’ This exhibition includes print installations; work focused on combining print with unexpected materials and works that comment on the process of printmaking. To say that Crossing Boundaries is not your usual print show would be an understatement. Originally shown at the Northart Gallery in Auckland Crossing Boundaries is the ideal exhibition to get your passion for art pumping as Taylor-Jensen kicks of its 2014 exhibition year.

Crossing Boundaries

January 5, 2014


The second show is opening in New Zealand soon….


In Situ, Mosman – shop till you drop.

September 28, 2013


in situ 13 Mosman Festival of Sculpture & Installation

5 October – 20 October

Starting at Mosman Art Gallery, the exhibition runs up to Mosman Square and along Military Road, from Spit Junction to Mosman Junction, Sydney

Window shopping takes on a new meaning as 46 artists from In Situ take over the Mosman shopping precinct with their sculptures and installations.

For 14 days, visitors can discover the clever, ingenious and creative artworks installed in the public spaces along Military Road from Mosman to Spit Junction.

Whimsical, challenging and fun – these installations and sculptures transform the nature of shopping into a thought provoking experience. In Situ 2013 will feature both traditional sculptural works and contemporary installations or 3D works that respond to place, The Festival provides a unique opportunity to link the best sculptural practices of the past with contemporary artistic approaches to interpreting and enhancing public spaces.

This exhibition is a major event for the 2013 Festival of Mosman. The exhibition will be opened at the Mosman Art Gallery on 4 October at 6.30pm.

In Situ 2013 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet into Sydney.

Further information: or 02 99784178

2Invitation4OCT2013 - InSitu5OCT-20OCT2013-email

In Situ, Mosman

September 17, 2013


My little houses have been selected for In Situ, Mosman.  They are destined to be displayed in the window of Vernon Partners, 836 Military Road, which is quite appropriate, since Vernon Partners is a property agent.

However, you don’t need a mortgage to buy one of my houses!  The exhibition will be open from the 5th of October till the 20th October.

Some houses: Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Some houses: Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

My work at Northart Gallery

June 19, 2013


Here’s my works from the Crossing Boundaries show. I have included the artists statements for your interest. On Opening night the heavens opened and there was a violent storm. It’s a wonder anyone went!

Time Study.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of the surface of things, to surfaces marked by time. It’s a connection to the natural processes of ageing and the slow and beautiful cycle of decay and regeneration. These images are part of a current series exploiting the effects of rust on paper. Physical changes occur when you combine metal, paper and liquid in a kind of alchemy. The rusting process marks and colours both sides of the paper, and breaks down its structure, sometimes leaving holes. This piece will continue to deteriorate in a celebration of impermanence and imperfection. The rust marks on paper will remain, but the surface itself will disintegrate over time.


Armoured. Matt board, wax, pigment stick.

This work combines the soft, skin like surface of wax with the impression of a heated metal object applied to the surface. I have used a pigment stick to fill the printed image with colour. There are many tiles. They can be arranged in a different configuration to suit a different exhibition space.

The tiles, with their repetitive circular marks, can form a protective carapace for an imagined sensitive body within, or a shield against attack. This armour is rusted, and old.


Boundless and Borderless.

May 29, 2013


See a theme developing here?

I will also have a work in this exhibition at Pine Street Creative Art Centre. Artworks from Sydney Printmakers will be shown together with an exchange portfolio developed between The Open Studio, Canada, and Sydney Printmakers. My prints are  not part of the portfolio, but I will be showing another rust print as part of the Sydney Printmakers exhibition.

Boundless and Borderless

Boundless and Borderless

Near the Fenceline

Near the Fenceline

‘Crossing Boundaries’ Exhibition at Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

May 27, 2013


Exhibition invitation

Exhibition invitation

This is the first exhibition for a project we have been working on for some time. We have all made works using printmaking techniques which might challenge the definition of print – and many of them will be presented in an unconventional manner.The ‘Crossing Boundaries’ exhibition features print-related artifacts resulting from the research of 10 artists (5 from Australia and 5 from New Zealand) who have been selected for their readiness and ability to move between materials and media without boundaries.

I will be presenting a triptych of prints on paper made using the rusting technique. They will be hung in space so that they can be viewed from both sides. Here is a detail from the central panel:

Detail, 2013

Detail, 2013

Please come along if you are in Auckland on the seventeenth of June. We would love to see you. There are more exhibitions of this work planned in New Zealand and Australia.

Marked by Water,Curve Gallery, Newcastle.

May 23, 2013


I am one of fifty printmakers in this exhibition at Curve Gallery, Newcastle. Its a collaboration between Newcastle Printmakers and Warringah Printmakers. I have one of my current obsession, rust prints, in the show. This one has some wax on it, too. Given the theme, Marked by Water, the wax makes the paper semi transparent, and reinforces the idea that water has ‘marked’ the paper, as well as producing the rust. Wish I could publish a picture here, but I didn’t photograph the work before submitting it. Maybe later!

Marked by Water

Marked by Water

Opening details

Opening details

As you can see, the Exhibition opens first in Newcastle at the Curve Gallery, and then at Warringah Printmakers Studio.

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