Exhibition News

My solo show, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, opens at Gaffa Gallery, 281Clarence Street, Sydney, on Friday the 9th March. The exhibition reflects on the contrast between the life we live and the life we dreamt to live. We may remember this contrast as a disappointment, an adventure, or a process; or all three at different times as memory seeks resolution between our dream and our reality. As a young person, I had many changes of residence, so I used the house as a metaphor for significant phases of my journey. This exhibition presents a few of the many houses which make up my memories.  For each wall piece I have constructed a house, made of paper and wax, and lit from within.

Memory Houses

I have also had one of my print/encaustic houses selected for Boundless, an exhibition of works which test the boundaries of printmaking. The exhibition will open at the Hastings Community Art centre, and then move to Wellington, New Zealand. There are many exciting works in the show. Watch this space for further news.

I am submitting work for an exhibition at Manly Gallery with Warringah Printmakers Studio. The title is ‘Leave Nothing but Prints’ and reflects the philosophy of Warringah Printmakers Studio: all the prints exhibited will be made using safer procedures.

2 thoughts on “Exhibition News

  1. Hi Kerry, thanks for contacting me. I’m amazed you managed to find my all but defunct website.Actually, there are three artists in my studio, and I’m pretty sure we’d be interested.Ill check out the website. We’re not working at the studio because of lockdown, but I’d be happy to arrange something to collect the boards.
    Anthea (printmakerssydney@gmail.com. 0403221992)

  2. Hi Anthea, Have you heard about 12×10, the charity art sale by Lane Cove art Society in October to benefit women in need? Just in case you haven’t I thought I’d contact you.
    All proceeds will be donated to Delvena Women’s Refuge, Lane Cove and Friends Of Kolkata’s Elderly, a charity in India in which I am involved. http://www.foke.in .
    All artworks are 12” x 10” canvas panels and have been donated by artists whose name will only be seen on the back of the work and after purchase.
    They are all priced at $100 and we hope that it will be a roaring success. Actually you can see some of the works on the Lane Cove Art Society Instagram account.
    If you email me I’ll send the details to you.
    Then if you say yes I can drop a board to your studio as I often walk that way.
    Kind regards, Kerry

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