A cluttered corner of my studio.

This is my Studio in Greenwich. It is one of a group of three shopfronts in a quiet suburban street. There is little foot traffic in the neighbourhood, though occasionally someone knocks at the door and wants to have a look at what I am doing. I sometimes have a conversation with the postman, but there is not much else happening around here to interrupt my work. I am lucky to have such a great place to work in. I have never liked working at home – I find the phone rings, and I answer it, or the washing up needs to be done, or I really should tidy the living room, and so I do those things rather than make my work. Here, there is no phone connected, and it doesn’t matter to me if there is paper and mess everywhere.

Part of the studio is set aside for encaustic. I have a powerful extractor fan (the kind welders use) which is quite noisy, but does the job, and a stainless steel bench which makes cleaning up stray drips of wax easy and quick. I find when the extractor is on and I am concentrating on my work I forget about the noise. There is also a large storeroom in another part of the building where I can put all those bits and pieces I might use one day, but not right now.

My etching press, Blue Sky, is on castors, so that I can move it around the studio according to my needs.

The street entrance to my studio. The orange thing is an industrial exhaust to extract fumes from the building.
My etching press, Blue Sky.

9 thoughts on “Studio

  1. thanks, Mari. yes, it’s great – it’s a real refuge from the world. But your studio has wonderful texture and age upon it. A very evocative space to work in, I imagine.

  2. what a beautiful studio Anthea! It looks like it would make a great gallery, but then I suppose you’d have to live with the interruptions, and, as you say, it gets little foot traffic. It doesn’t look like the sort of space where you have to remove the cobwebs and evict wasps and other insects every day, like my ancient crumbling studio! 🙂

  3. Great Studio Space. I love the name of your press too. Funny how we name our presses. My press is called Miss Sixty Six !

  4. What a great Studio.a place all to working soon to have my space .I wish you well Love your work. Cheers Natasha

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