I have been experimenting with encaustic for some time. Recently I did a two day workshop with Daniella Woolf at Warringah Printmakers Studio. It was great fun and I         learned a lot. I was a little worried that if I learned too much my images would lose some of the freshness that comes from not knowing what you are doing!

Most of my work in encaustic so far has been concentrated on combining encaustic with prints. The prints are most usually polymer prints, monotypes or lithographs on very    fine transparent or semi transparent papers. What most excites me about the medium is the same thing that engages me in making prints: the quality of the surface that can be achieved, and transparency. Since the wax seals the surface of the paper, one great advantage is that the work doesn’t have to be framed under glass, so that the surface can be appreciated. The richness of colour is another thing!

A five panel encaustic and print work.

Patterns of Text
Hidden text
Blue Text
Submerged Text

10 thoughts on “Encaustic

  1. These are gorgeous, Anthea. I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember you warmly from time at the PrintAU list. 🙂
    Diana Jeon, HNL, HI

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