My work at Northart Gallery

Here’s my works from the Crossing Boundaries show. I have included the artists statements for your interest. On Opening night the heavens opened and there was a violent storm. It’s a wonder anyone went!

Time Study.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of the surface of things, to surfaces marked by time. It’s a connection to the natural processes of ageing and the slow and beautiful cycle of decay and regeneration. These images are part of a current series exploiting the effects of rust on paper. Physical changes occur when you combine metal, paper and liquid in a kind of alchemy. The rusting process marks and colours both sides of the paper, and breaks down its structure, sometimes leaving holes. This piece will continue to deteriorate in a celebration of impermanence and imperfection. The rust marks on paper will remain, but the surface itself will disintegrate over time.


Armoured. Matt board, wax, pigment stick.

This work combines the soft, skin like surface of wax with the impression of a heated metal object applied to the surface. I have used a pigment stick to fill the printed image with colour. There are many tiles. They can be arranged in a different configuration to suit a different exhibition space.

The tiles, with their repetitive circular marks, can form a protective carapace for an imagined sensitive body within, or a shield against attack. This armour is rusted, and old.


2 thoughts on “My work at Northart Gallery

  1. I love the organic nature of your rusting – reminds me of some work by Ruth Hadlow – where leaves were pinned to a wall and over the exhibition period they dried out and changed colour.

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