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Chaos and Order at Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby.

July 14, 2019


For the last 18 months I have been sharing a studio with two others, Anna Russell and Rhonda Nelson. This is our first exhibition together. I wonder where it might lead?

Rhonda has collaborated with Felicity Hall, ceramicist, for her ceramic work in the show.

We are having some ‘activities’ at the exhibition which might help engage people in the theme of the show, Chaos and Order.

Chaos and Order.jpg

Celebrating 55 Years

February 6, 2016


I have work in this exhibition, and would love to see you at the opening.Email-Sydney-Printmakers55th-Invitationlandfall2

Last week of my show, Lucent.

July 23, 2015


Lucent is open each day until next Monday 10am till 4 pm. I’m enjoying gallery sitting here at the Incinerator. it’s very interesting learning how people interact with the show. Except for a couple of dark and rainy days last week, there’s been a steady stream of visitors. I’ve particularly enjoyed that children come in alone, then drag their parents downstairs to see the show later.


Lucent at Incinerator Art Space

July 11, 2015


A young boy just visited and said ‘I never knew art could be so interesting. This is a first for me.’ It’s made my day!

(We also had a discussion about the prism and the nature of light.)


March 13, 2015


After a while buffeted by the sudden gusts of wind we have been experiencing here in Sydney, my rusted and stitched panels are demonstrating the process of entropy very nicely. I was worried about them making it through the length of the exhibition, but I now I think they’ll hang on till the end.

Last day of Exhibition

December 7, 2014


Peri and I sharing a glass of bubbles on the closing day of the show. It’s been great – plenty of visitors, some insightful comments, some wonderful conversations and some sales. Peri and I are already discussing the next one! (But it won’t be for some time yet.)

Thanks to everyone who made it such a success.



Last days of exhibition.

December 6, 2014


As our exhibition draws to a close, here are some images from the box of rust showing how it has developed over the course of the show.


This photo was taken on the 20th November.


And this one was taken on the 6th of December.

Blogpost on Entropy

November 23, 2014


Some great photos and excellent commentary from Mo at its crow time.

And here some photos of the glass ceiling of the gallery which is the floor of the cafe upstairs.




And here is the progress of my box of rust. The wire is growing protrusions as the rusting process continues.



I’m really enjoying spending time here with Peri.

Exhibition at Incinerator with Peri Tobias

October 24, 2014


E-invite Entropy



There is only a little wax in this show, lots of rust, a bit of woodcut print, and some stitching!

Gaffa Catalogue

July 6, 2014



Here is the catalogue for Gaffa. Please explore.

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