‘Crossing Boundaries’ Exhibition at Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

Exhibition invitation
Exhibition invitation

This is the first exhibition for a project we have been working on for some time. We have all made works using printmaking techniques which might challenge the definition of print – and many of them will be presented in an unconventional manner.The ‘Crossing Boundaries’ exhibition features print-related artifacts resulting from the research of 10 artists (5 from Australia and 5 from New Zealand) who have been selected for their readiness and ability to move between materials and media without boundaries.

I will be presenting a triptych of prints on paper made using the rusting technique. They will be hung in space so that they can be viewed from both sides. Here is a detail from the central panel:

Detail, 2013
Detail, 2013

Please come along if you are in Auckland on the seventeenth of June. We would love to see you. There are more exhibitions of this work planned in New Zealand and Australia.

2 thoughts on “‘Crossing Boundaries’ Exhibition at Northart Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

  1. Good luck Anthea – this looks STUNNING – have forwarded it to two Art Collectors and another NZ Gallery owner!



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