Further explorations with paper…..



I’m really enjoying the contemplative process of making these works. This one combines burnt paper with a print taken in ink from that paper, and some coloured pencil. However, soon I’ll be seeing holes in my sleep!

I’m also working with the heavily rusted, torn and stitched paper I made last year,  forming large pieces into smaller draped and folded forms. Why stick to two dimensions when three is so interesting?



They reminded me of red earth cliffs one might see as one approaches land from the sea, so I’ve called them Landfall 1 and 2. These pieces will be exhibited at Artsite Gallery in March this year.

The Voodoo Donuts, the Atelier and the prints.

We spent today at Atelier Meridian, printing the plates we made yesterday at Elise Wagners studio. tomorrow will also be spent printing.

Those bad women Elise and Jane had bought us some voodoo donuts for breakfast. Words fail me!
Let this photograph speak instead:


Enough said!

The Atelier is a large space, with three beautiful etching presses, including a big Takach, and a letterpress. There is also a Lino press. Full membership of the atelier is $125 a month, and gives you unlimited access 24/7!



I will show you more of my results tomorrow, but here is a print from one of my plates.


We finished the afternoon with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. Very civilised!


Barbara Mason, Elise Wagner and Jane Pagliarulo.

Good day at the Studio

We had a good day at the studio today. We printed the large plate I made earlier in the week, and although it has a long way to go, I can see it has possibilities. The colors are wrong, the press it was printed on is too small, the blankets have cuts in them and there are other problems as well.


Me, contemplating the print and thinking hard.

Here is Nicki making a new plate. We are going to make about a dozen plates, all from recycled materials, and print them together to make large format prints.


What we have so far:


It takes three people to print one of Melody’s large format prints.