Weekend Workshop at Inkmasters

The workshop was so busy I didn’t have time to take any photos! The students were very prolific and some wonderful work was produced.

I will in due course post some photos from others, but  for now, let me show you some work I’ve done myself at the residency. It’s work in progress.


Here in FNQ for a residency with Inkmasters and the Tanks. I will pursue my own work, teach a workshop in monotype, do a demonstration in Encaustic for Printmakers and a short workshop for year 10’s at a local college.

Here in Cairns, nature is rampant! I get to go to the Botanical Gardens each day, and walk the boardwalk to the studio. Such a joy!

Artist’s Talk

So, almost a month without posting…..

I’ve talked about my practice in terms of my interest in surface, and in mark making. Where to from here?

Earlier this year I lived and worked in Venice for a month where I made some large format prints of those crumbling Venetian walls. I have plenty of photographic material for new work about surfaces. I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Leaving Venice

I suspect that leaving Venice is always difficult. Difficult because you need to haul your luggage, and you may have a lot if you’ve hit those fabulous shops, down stairs, up and down bridges, along narrow crowded streets, onto the vaporetto, and either out to the airport or across to Ferrovia to catch the train. Difficult because you regret having to leave. Just one more week…..or a few more days…..might reveal some magical secret, some idea, some image that you have been searching for. Difficult because you were just on the verge of feeling you ‘know’ something about the city. Difficult because you feel you’ve just begun with Venice.

Angela, Nicki and I left Venice on the same day, but by different routes. We took Angela down to the Alilaguna boat to the airport, where she was catching a plane to Manchester in England.
Nicki and I muscled our way with four bags and a large tube of prints over to Ferrovia to catch the overnight train to Vienna, and then to travel by car to Prague.


Signing the Prints

We went to the studio for the last time to sign the prints, collect our materials and package up the work to take home with us. We also had to decide which work to leave with GianFranco.

On the way to Murano, we called in at Cimitero to visit the graves of Nijinsky and Stravinsky. The citizens of Venice can be buried here for a maximum of ten years only, unless they happen to be famous. After that, the graves are relocated to somewhere on the mainland, where it is less crowded. The cemetery has its own island, half way between Murano and Fondamenta Nove. The dark shapes of the many cypresses which dot this island pierce the skyline.


The great signing ceremony.


We made two related large format prints in small editions of three. We will make a book together of our Venice experience, and one of each edition will be cut up and incorporated in the book, together with photographs and other materials we gathered while we were there.