Signing the Prints

We went to the studio for the last time to sign the prints, collect our materials and package up the work to take home with us. We also had to decide which work to leave with GianFranco.

On the way to Murano, we called in at Cimitero to visit the graves of Nijinsky and Stravinsky. The citizens of Venice can be buried here for a maximum of ten years only, unless they happen to be famous. After that, the graves are relocated to somewhere on the mainland, where it is less crowded. The cemetery has its own island, half way between Murano and Fondamenta Nove. The dark shapes of the many cypresses which dot this island pierce the skyline.


The great signing ceremony.


We made two related large format prints in small editions of three. We will make a book together of our Venice experience, and one of each edition will be cut up and incorporated in the book, together with photographs and other materials we gathered while we were there.

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