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Further explorations with paper…..

January 18, 2016




I’m really enjoying the contemplative process of making these works. This one combines burnt paper with a print taken in ink from that paper, and some coloured pencil. However, soon I’ll be seeing holes in my sleep!

I’m also working with the heavily rusted, torn and stitched paper I made last year,  forming large pieces into smaller draped and folded forms. Why stick to two dimensions when three is so interesting?



They reminded me of red earth cliffs one might see as one approaches land from the sea, so I’ve called them Landfall 1 and 2. These pieces will be exhibited at Artsite Gallery in March this year.

Work in progress

December 16, 2015


Just exploring the possibilities. This is a detail of a monotype with stitching and folding. 


New Work

December 23, 2014


Exploring luminosity. Not quite where I want to be yet.



Encaustic on paper, folded.

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