Leave Nothing but Prints

On Sunday, I visited the Warringah Printmakers Show at Manly Gallery. I had attended the opening on Friday night, but had so much fun I didn’t have time to actually look at the work! And besides, there are artists talks each Sunday afternoon from 3pm.
Nathalie Hartog Gautier talked first about her images which were printed from the picket fence posts that are remnants of the settlement at Hill End, where she did a residency. She had painted the fence posts with the clay pigments she found in the environment there, and printed them relief to water color paper.
Denise Scholz Wulfing spoke about her work – finely executed copper etchings – and demonstrated printing a plate on the small demonstration press.
Sandra Williams discussed her approach to monotypes, and showed some other works from her portfolio, and Jill Carter Hansen, whose work in the exhibition includes an artists book, discussed the manner in which her interest in a wide range of techniques, including animation, photography, filmmaking, printmaking, collage and book construction, leads her to create mixed media works.

It was all very interesting.

Next Sunday at 3pm Trudy Goodwin, Susan Baran, Gwen Harrison and Rebecca Baird will talk about their artworks and the processes that they use. there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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