Garland | Anthea Boesenberg interview

This is an article in Garland Magazine about me. It was published last year after my last solo show, ‘Journeys.’ Garland is an online art magazine which has interesting articles  – well worth subscribing to!


Anthea Boesenberg, Grasslands, 2016, burnt paper and wax


4 thoughts on “Garland | Anthea Boesenberg interview

  1. If you send a comment like this one, I will get it. I won’t post this one because it is so personal. Lovely to hear from you and that you have moved into Trisha house. I’ll email you.

  2. Anthee….loved your images…especially love your thoughts….I did try and send a comment but when I tried to send it…it said I needed a URL…..whatever that is….and no one here knew what it is…hope you are well and happy….was so sorry not to see you earlier in the year….have been to NY twice this year and am waiting to go back again…Mat has prostate cancer and we are waiting for the insce co to agree to surgery etc….unfortunately he changed insce providers recently…and the new people say it was a pre existing condition and are not interested in paying….clearly he didn’t KNOW he had it when he changed.. and we’ve moved into Trishs house…renovated by email..!!.!…my studio almost finished…and there we are…..xxxx

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