Greenwich Village Arts Trail

I’ve been away for 5 weeks in Europe, but back on deck now, if a little cabbage headed from jet lag…….

Id like to invite you to the Greenwich Village Arts Trail next weekend, the 10th and 11th of October. My studio, at 29B Innes Road, will be open from 10am till 4pm, just one of seventeen studios in Greenwich which will be open at the weekend. Please call in for a drink and a chat.Layout 1

Layout 1


2 thoughts on “Greenwich Village Arts Trail

  1. Dear Serena,
    Thank you so much for letting me know. So sad. If there is anything I can help with, please let Paul and Justine know. (I mean doing some shopping or cooking for them while they are sitting with Daphne to make things a little easier for them.) My number is 0403221992.


  2. Dear Anthea,

    I have been following Box of Birds for some time now and since the below just came in I thought I would write to you, in case you didn’t already know, that Daphne has had another stroke and is in hospital in the Blue Mountains. I have sent my daughter out to be with Justine. Daphne is comfortable and is on morphine as she is not likely to recover from this stroke.

    Justine does not want any calls at the moment and she and Paul and Karen are spending as much time as possible sitting beside Daphne and holding her hand and talking to her.

    Sorry to bring this sad news to you but felt you would have wanted to know.

    Serena [Daphne’s sister]

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