Encaustic and rust monotypes

Here’s some more new experiments with rust, wax, tea and ink. I’m enjoying not feeling constrained by paper size and shape. Whether these eventually end up as mounted and framed work is beside the point. I’m learning more about the way these materials behave with every mark I make.




4 thoughts on “Encaustic and rust monotypes

  1. No, those Asian papers are just as uniform as the European ones. And maybe I could learn to make it myself, but I’ve got quite enough to concentrate on with the research I’m doing now, I think!

  2. In February this year I did a workshop with Paula Roland in Santa Fe. There we touched on wax monotypes. I had previously been exploring rust on paper – also a printmaking technique, since the marks come from the metal matrix. One of the fluids I use to dampen the paper to promote rust is tea.
    So…..I have started to combine all these things. They all work, but the issue is how to control the marks. I’m happy to have these unpredictable results, but I’d like to have the option of more control for some pieces.
    However, I have noticed that the paper I choose has a big influence on my results. Softer, more absorbent papers work best, and because I’m also interested in transparency, I’ve so far concentrated on rice papers rather than European papers. There’s a great deal of work yet to do. I would like to reach a point where I have an array of materials and techniques to call on. Thanks for asking!

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