Development of another new piece

Rusted metal and canal at Murano.

This is the inspiration for the new work. It comprises three things that I love: rust, water, and Venice. The metal wall was hammered into the canal to hold the water back while a new brick wall was built behind it. That’s the way things are constructed in Venice, where the water can threaten building.

Rust and water.
Rust, water and reflections

To make this work, first I laid down strips of paper I had ‘rusted’ some months ago, and coated them with a layer of medium. I used painters tape to mask off a straight line, and painted in some pale green. I added some green gold at the bottom of the board, and then ‘cool’ brushed some more on the top section. I used a tool to scribe into the wax, and added detail with a rust coloured pigment stick.

5 thoughts on “Development of another new piece

  1. lovely, rust is delicious. have had a run of visitors, will get in touch next week

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