Some reflections in Venice

We’re struggling a bit with the facilities at the studio – lack of materials for printing the plates mainly – so we have instead been enjoying Venice……’s some photos to illustrate.


A four eyed Nicki consulting the map yet again.


Reflections on the canal.


Our first plates are ready to print, and hopefully we’ll be able to start it tomorrow. The plates are collographs, all made from found materials, torn paper and cardboard with acrylic gesso, mediums
and PVA glue. This first set will be printed in Venetian red, pinks and browns, intaglio and relief.
We will make a second set of plates using similar materials and construction methods, which will be printed in the jade green of the canals, blues and aqua.

We will need the print gods to be with us, however. There are many hurdles to leap over to realize our plans.

3 thoughts on “Some reflections in Venice

  1. Yes, it was the studio on Murano, but we were staying in Venice. That option is no longer available, since the apartment didn’t really have a functioning bathroom. We had to supply our own materials, which was fair enough, but there were inadequate blankets on the press, and only one artist supplier in Venice that we could find, so difficult to source inks, etc. Still, it was a wonderful experience, and I would go back in a flash!

  2. Where did you do your printing? A friend of mine spent a few weeks with a group in a print studio on Murano. The press was certainly large enough to cope with the prints of the size you show and she too talked about lack of materials. You don’t sound/look as though you were actually staying on Murano though. (I’ve been twice and hope to go again before too long.)

  3. beautiful photos, I know it can be really frustrating when you are working away fronm your studio and not being able to lay your hand on the very thing you need, stil I’m sure the results will be fabulous

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