The last day of the workshop at Wax Works West

Today was the last day of the Teaching Encaustic workshop at Wax Works West. While yesterday we gave short illustrated talks about our work, today we were required to present a demonstration in some aspect of teaching encaustic. For Angela and I, it was encaustic and paper. Angela tackled the use of encaustic in collaging papers together, laminating, etc, and I presented some three dimensional work made using encaustic and paper. Here are some small tiles I made representing various techniques with encaustic, and some three dimensional forms I made.


We have been having a wonderful time. Daniella, Kim, Wendy and Judy have been very generous hosts.



Ventilation fans and very well organised storage systems! behind the fans is the administration area with computers, filing systems, etc . Wish I was that organised!


I’m busy planning a trip to the US next month to take a number of workshops in encaustic. Im going first to Wax Works West to do the R&F Advanced Teaching Workshop with Laura Moriarty, then having some time to do a bit of exploring of Northern California.

Then its off to Portland, Oregon, for a collagraph workshop with Elise Wagner, and finally to Santa Fe to do one of Paula Roland’s Mark Making Workshops. My friend Angela Noble is coming with me. I expect to come home exhausted but full of ideas. ¬†Any suggestions from readers for must see things in any of these places would be gratefully received!