Reverse Garbage

Yesterday I went with Angela to Reverse Garbage. Reverse Garbage is an environmental co-operative committed to promoting sustainability through the reuse of resources. I recommend you follow them on Facebook to receive news of great materials coming in.

For very little money we bought loads of wonderful stuff to use in our art practices. I don’t know exactly how Im going to use these things, but finding out will be half the fun!

reverse1 reverse2 reverse4 reverse3

Here’s just some of the bits and pieces we bought.

Today with Angela in the Studio

Angela is in town, so today we made encaustic medium in the studio. I had bought home from New York as a gift for her a swag of different papers, some found, some bought. I also bought her some square silicone ice cube trays. The medium looks sooo good in those nice little cubes! Tomorrow I have promised her a trip to Reverse Garbage (excitement!). She has never been. I’m hoping we find some excellent bits and pieces to make stuff out of.


Today’s explorations.

I am investigating the use of verdigris on paper. Ancient manuscripts used verdigris for colouring illuminations. These papers are stained with tea first, and then with verdigris. I know that verdigris will continue to degrade the paper (as with rust). We will see. I have coated these with wax which may inhibit degradation.



My other investigation this week was the effect of coloured wax on paint colour cards. Lots of potential there for combinations of colour. The cards are from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville.