Santa Cruz

I have arrived here in Santa Cruz, California, to do an R&F Teaching workshop with Laura Moriarty. Angela Noble is here with me. We are staying with the wonderful Daniella Woolf and Kim Tyler, and yesterday they took us out to show us around Santa Cruz, and to visit the redwood forest.
The workshop is at Wax Works West.


the oldest of the trees here are more than 1500 years of age. Interspersed amongst the redwood trees are bay trees, with leaves that smell like Christmas cake and pine. The air is beautiful.





A fallen bridge.


I’m busy planning a trip to the US next month to take a number of workshops in encaustic. Im going first to Wax Works West to do the R&F Advanced Teaching Workshop with Laura Moriarty, then having some time to do a bit of exploring of Northern California.

Then its off to Portland, Oregon, for a collagraph workshop with Elise Wagner, and finally to Santa Fe to do one of Paula Roland’s Mark Making Workshops. My friend Angela Noble is coming with me. I expect to come home exhausted but full of ideas.  Any suggestions from readers for must see things in any of these places would be gratefully received!

Another workshop……

I’m off to Melbourne for another workshop, this time in Natural Dyes, with India Flint. I’m just amazed at what she can do with fabric, leaves and water! I will post the results of my efforts when I come home.

And I’m very excited because I have just bought my plane ticket to Venice! For the month of April next year, I will be living in Venice and working at Venice Printmaking Studio.

Venice Printmaking Studio
Venice Printmaking Studio, Murano.

Holiday and after……….

I just spent an amazing two weeks in Tasmania. The beaches and forests are spectacular, and parts are sufficiently remote that it is possible to be literally and metaphorically ‘lost’. Haven’t downloaded my photos yet, but when I have I will show you what I mean.

And then I spent four days in Melbourne doing an encaustic workshop with Cari Hernandez. I met some lovely warm people and this time I had a day visiting galleries. At James Makin Gallery was a great Bruno Leti survey show celebrating his 40 years of printmaking.

I’ve been having lots of ‘input’ over the last couple of months: now it’s time to start producing some ‘output’!  Time to get into the studio and work!