Baldessin Press Workshop

My next encaustic workshop will be at Baldessin Press, near Melbourne, on the 24th and 25th of August. There are only eight places available for what will be a great weekend exploring encaustic and paper in  beautiful surroundings. The studio was built by renowned printmaker and sculptor George Baldessin at St Andrews, largely from recycled materials.

Baldessin Press
Baldessin Press

This course will take an experimental approach to using encaustic on paper. You will learn how to collage prints together using encaustic, how to exploit the characteristics of wax to layer and combine imagery, and how to work into the surface with wax and pigment to create interesting and compelling surfaces. We will cover the health and safety aspects of encaustic, and setting up an encaustic studio, so that you are equipped to explore further on your own. The course is suitable for all levels of experience.

I’m really looking forward to it, because I love teaching, I love spending time in Melbourne (even when its cold), and I will enjoy visiting George’s studio. I’ve always admired his work.

4 thoughts on “Baldessin Press Workshop

  1. Anthea, could you let me know if you ever do the encaustic course in Sydney, I love your work and would like to experiment with wax at the Print workshop.

    Best wishes

    Jenie Clough

  2. Actually, I’ll be in NZ in early June for the opening of a project at NorthArt Gallery in Auckland. I would love to do a workshop, but it’s quite hard to organise the materials and equipment necessary. Maybe I’ll spend some time when Im there checking out venues and sources of equipment.

  3. Hi Anthea, I’ve been following your encaustic adventures and explorations with great interest and loving your results. I nurture a hope that one day you’ll come and run some workshops here in New Zealand.

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