On Monday we went with Daniella to Codex at Richmond, near San Francisco. She has written about it in her blog and included links to her favourites, which are pretty much also mine, so I will direct you to her blog to explore. It was the first time I had been to Codex, also, and I was knocked out by the quality of the work on display. We only had a few hours, but you could have spent days looking at the beautiful books there.
It was interesting for me, because although I love looking at Artists books, I haven’t really been terribly interested in making them, and I finally worked out why. It seems to me that each page of the book seems to aspire to be perfect, to be completely finished. I feel as if the things I make are just a step on a journey, that its still possible to change them, that they aren’t ‘set in stone’ . I know that there is really no reason why I couldn’t make a book of fragments, of impressions, and perhaps someday I might. But up until now, it’s seemed like too much of a statement!

The building the Fair is held in is very impressive, a huge industrial building with floor to ceiling windows as well as skylights. The light floods in, and on a sunny day, it is beautifully warm in there.



From the forecourt of the building there are views across to San Francisco.


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