My daughter would like your help…..

My daughter, Danielle, and her husband Sam are film makers. To be specific, Sam is a writer, and Dany (I have always spelled it that way) is an editor. They have a new project for a short film they would love to get off the ground. The film is called Scratch.

Film making is a very expensive process, but the rewards for making a successful short film are many. However those rewards are not financial. It is very rarely that the costs of the enterprise are covered by the returns.

They are hoping to use crowd funding to cover some of the costs. They are offering some cool things if you are able to participate. Please have a look at this:

And lots more information, including details of the people involved in the project, the funding target, and information about how you can help can be found here.

Here is the link to the Facebook page for Scratch.

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