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October 4, 2011


I had a really great time at IMPACT. Always a sucker for new technology, I was excited about the organ printer, laser paper cutting and burning, and tagging artworks in an exhibition so that viewers can add their comments and memories to be read by others. Lots of potential!
I met the team from Dundee, who will be hosting the next IMPACT. Very impressed with the facilities at Dundee Contemporary Art, which has just installed a large format digital router and laser cutter, amongst other things. They are combining the analogue printing techniques with digital, and encouraging the use of technology as just another tool in the making of effective images. They were among the many very nice people I met.

Laser cut paper

My only regret is that I didn’t really have time to get out to galleries and enjoy Melbourne. And the weather was dreadful!

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  1. Nicki Holmes #
    October 4, 2011

    Sounds wonderful!
    I like the idea of the comment/memory tags.
    I would have left some very scornful comments at The Mad Square exhibition – all about the accompanying texts!

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