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Tales of Things

March 1, 2012


I’m thinking of using Tales of Things so that visitors to my exhibition who have androids, iPhones and iPads  (the well connected) can comment on the pieces, and add their own memories. Maybe I’m asking for trouble! Its a beta version, and there seem to be a few bugs to sort out, but its a very exciting idea, particularly for an exhibition about memory!

Through Tales of Things you can create a QR code for an object. If the code is displayed alongside the object, people with the right technology can scan the code, and read information about it. More importantly, they can add their own contributions to the online description, which others can read when they scan the QR code. We’ll see if I have the time, and can iron out the problems I’ve experienced with my first attempts.

Half remembered Text


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  1. March 5, 2012

    Its a great idea, but unfortunately the technology doesn’t yet seem to be up to speed – or rather, I am having some difficulties getting it to work, and I don’t have the time to spend on figuring it out. Maybe next time!

  2. Nicki Holmes #
    March 5, 2012

    That’s a really interesting idea.

    Just the replies and comments could be a ‘work’ in itself. Copyright?!

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